Fish Report

11 May

Striped Marlin: Full of Squid!!
Finally Decent Yellowtail Fishing!
Winds Calm Finally!!
Sierra Fishing So So!!!
May 11, 2015:
We  still have a few vessels available for tournaments if you are interested please contact us asap. for tournament fishing.
WEATHER: Well, finally the wind has calmed and we are having great weather again. The wind beat us up most of last week and now as I am writing this report its pretty darn calm and sunny. This week has been all sunny days with highs in the mid 80,s to low 90,s and lows in the mid 60,s too low 60,s. The windy conditions last week were really affecting our fishing conditions as we were getting really blown away in the afternoons coming in from fishing. Quite the boat rides.
WATER: Quite the contrast in water temperatures. Cold water conditions have brought in the Yellowtail finally and the line between cold water and warm water is right around Palmilla if you check the Tempbreak map you will see the line. Water went down to 71 right outside the Cabo Bay and then got colder on the Pacific side up and around the Finger Baja where it was dipping down to 69 degrees.

BILLFISH: Marlin fishing has slowed somewhat and the wind has seemed to stop finally. The Marlin is everywhere it seems, from the 1150 to the San Jamie,but they all seem to be full of squid and aren’t biting too well. The Marlin that isn’t full of squid have been hitting live bait, ballyhoo and lures and the best area to land a fish is off the Light House about 2 miles.

DORADO: The fishing for Dorado has really slowed and it looks as if they have moved on for this week. It has been so weird this year for Dorado as they should have been gone a long time ago; but they have been hanging out and it has been really hit and miss for them all year, but at least they have stayed in the area and not left us.

WAHOO: I have not heard of any this past week. Not too much Wahoo action right now.

TUNA: We should start to see some Tuna start to show soon. There hasn’t been any around the last 5 weeks, but really you never know. If the water temperatures stay like this I wouldn’t be surprised to start seeing them roll into the area.
INSHORE: So the inshore action has mainly been Skip Jack, Sierras and Yellowtail and there has been not really too hot of action on all three species. The fact we are catching good numbers of Skip Jack is a good indicator that maybe some Tuna will start to show up soon. However you look at it if you go out in a Panga or small boat and do some inshore fishing you will most likely do pretty good as there is an abundance of fish here in the Los Cabos area So you should have a blast fishing with Cabo San Lucas Sport fishing charters.


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